Color Design

Color Texture Design: An Interior Design Love Story

Color Design

Getting The Right Carpet For The Right Place

Color Design is very vital in selecting the right carpet that will make a good match with your interior decor theme. When it comes to styling your home, few elements are more crucial to consider rather than the clever use of color! From coordinating paint colors to that of the furniture, curtains, fixtures, surfaces, flooring, ages and lifestyle of those who inhabit the home. There is certainly no shortage of things to consider when it comes to styling your home to be cohesive in its color palette.

This notion is especially true when it comes to finding the right rug for your home! You’ll need to make sure the rug you find not only compliments your home’s color scheme but enhances it as well. After all, rugs can really set the stage for how someone feels when they walk into a room! From lightening up the room to giving a cozier ambiance, rugs are a crucial styling component you don’t want overlook.

Color Design Guide For Rug Selection

First and foremost, you’re going to consider what other colors are present in the room where the rug is going to be placed. Aside from taking a matchy-matchy approach, you may want to introduce a different albeit complementary color that will bring new life to your room, such as an orange or yellow rug in a predominantly blue room. Color Design plays a vital role in getting it right.

Children Factor

Are there children in your home? Are they young and playful or prone to spills or messes? You’ll want to make sure whatever rug you end up choosing isn’t going to age faster than the little ones. Also, you want to match age difference with rug color. Children factor will not only add to the beautiful look of the house but also be appreciated by everyone.

Rug Positioning

Where precisely will your rug be placed? If it’s in an area of your home with high traffic, you may want to avoid opting for light, and soft colors as these will soil faster and become unsightly. You may want to consider, for example, dark color friendly carpet. Very crucial to reflect on Color Design to achieve this!

Interior Personality

What is the personality of the room the rug will be going in? Is it traditional, playful, cozy, industrial? How about your personality, how would you describe that? An ideal rug is going to be one that complements your character and the room. Again, visualize Color Design concept to adequately take care of your decor need.

Texture Factor

Is the room in need of texture? Look around the room and take account of what elements are (or aren’t) providing texture and dimension. If you find the room to be very flat, consider choosing a rug that offers some much-needed texture, such as that of a woven or shag rug.

Important Role Of Rug Color

Creating a space that is dynamic, pleasing to the eye, and reflective of you doesn’t have to be hard! Just remember always to consider the important role of color when you are incorporating new elements or tackling a design project. In addition to this, also, it never hurts to consider elements like texture and personality as well. Happy designing! Color Design!

Color Design