Common Rug Sizes

What You Need to Know About Common Rug Sizes to Style Your DREAM Interior

Whether you’re in the middle of giving a specific room in your house a total makeover or are often looking to add a little extra pizazz. Your space will benefit from the addition of a great rug! Finding the right rug for your space can often seem like a daunting task, but when you get it right? Your space looks and feels better than ever before! You will surely find your ideal match from the pool of our common rug sizes.

Finding your ideal rug revolves around many different things. This helpful hint will both help break down what to consider before purchasing and show you some fantastic rugs to fit the needs of your specific space. So, without further ado, read on to learn more about the different common rug sizes and suitable areas in the house.

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How to Choose the Right Rug

Before diving into the actual common rug sizes and their appropriate uses, let’s first briefly discuss some significant components one must consider if they want to find their ideal rug.

Size Matters: Why You Should Measure Your Space

Before you begin shopping for a rug, you want to take the time to measure your space correctly. A proper measurement will help you get an idea for what common rug sizes will and won’t work for you. For instance, you may think you want a runner for the front of your Queen bed, but upon taking your measurements realize you don’t quite have the length for that!

Getting a measurement of the space you intend for the rug to cover will ensure that whatever rug you buy truly enhances your space. The last thing you want is to eyeball a space and assume the rug will lay the way you want it only to find out it’s too long or too short. Rug placement needs to be taken very seriously to ensure all other elements in the room (such as furniture) look their best as well. So, carefully measure your space to make shopping easier and avoid any future fiascos!

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Out New Inspiration

There are often more ways to place a rug in a room than most people could ever imagine. As such, consider checking out your favorite interior design magazine or simply hopping on site’s like Pinterest to find new inspiration. Who knows? You might discover a new way to lay a rug in a particular room.

Consider Colors & Textures Already in the Room

This next tip is pretty much a no brainer, but it still deserves to be mentioned because it is that important! Look around the space you intend the rug to go in and consider the color palette – is it warm, cool, or neutral? Could it benefit from a pop of color or should it be toned down with something more neutral? Taking account of the color scheme ahead of time will give you a more laser-focused perspective when it comes time to shop for your rug.

Actual Rug Sizes and Recommended Areas

Now that you better understand how to determine which rugs are best for you to take a look below at the variety of sizes Best Buy Home Essentials has to offer you! Our common rug sizes are displayed in feet and inches, which means it should be a total breeze to compare our rug sizes below to the measurements of your space.

Doormat & Kitchen Rug 2X3: [2ft X 3ft 4′] & [2ft X 3ft]

Common Rug SizesLooking for a rug to welcome you, your family, and guests alike into your home OR a great rug to place in the kitchen for some added warmth and comfort? If so, look no further! This common doormat and kitchen rug size are perfect for smaller spaces. Click here to shop this rug size now

Runner Rug 2X8 [2ft 2′ X 7ft 4′] & [2ft 2′ X 7ft 8′]

Common Rug SizesCommon Rug SizesCommon Rug SizesProfessionally referred to as a “runner,” this rug can more casually be referred to as a “hallway rug” or “Queen Bed Rug” as it fits pairs perfectly with most Queen-sized beds. Adding this rug size to your bedroom will have several benefits, such as anchoring the furniture, and helping to make space feel more cozy and intimate. Adding a rug to your bedroom is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your sleeping quarters a major style boost! Click here to shop this rug size now

King Bed Rug 4X5 [3ft 9′ X 5ft 4′] & [4ft X 5ft 3′]

Common Rug SizesCommon Rug SizesThis rug is meant to sit in front of your bed. A King-sized bed will work best. Adding a rug to your bedroom under your King bed will have several benefits for the overall aesthetics of the room. These benefits include anchoring the furniture, adding a cozy ambiance, and being able to quickly boost the style of the room with little effort overall. Click here to shop this rug size now

Living Room & Dining Room Rug 5X7 [5ft 2’X7ft 2′] & 6X9 [6ft 5’X 9ft 2′]

Common Rug SizesCommon Rug SizesThis rug is one of the most Common Rug Sizes. A must-have for any well-designed living or dining room, a rug will transform your space in ways you can’t even imagine! Sitting beneath your table or in front of/under your coach, a rug will make your room not only more inviting but will help with adding a soft textural element as well. Rooms with hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring will especially benefit from the addition of this texture and will also be less noisy as well. Click here to shop the 5X7 rug size now. Click here to shop the 6X9 rug size now

Living Room, Dining Room, & Bedroom Rug 8X11 [7ft 10’ X 10ft 6′], [7ft 10’X 10ft 2′], & [7ft 11’X 10ft 0′]

Dining Room CarpetThis rug size will ultimately work in many similar ways as above, the only difference being that this rug is, of course, quite a bit larger. If your living room, dining room, or bedroom are without a rug, then we highly recommend you consider changing that for an instant boost to the comfortability, warmth, and style of the room. Click here to shop this rug size now

Large Dining Room, Conference Room, & Basement Rug 10X13 [9ft X 12ft 6′] & 13X16 [13ft 2′ X 16ft 5′]

If you’ve got an impressively large dining room, a conference room, or a basement in need of a great rug, then either of these is the size you’ll want to opt for your space. It is so important to provide rugs to the often-hard flooring seen in conference rooms and basements because it brings in a textural and comforting element that is almost always lacking. A rug in these spaces will also help with warmth if the flooring is cold and even muffle noise to make the environment calmer and conducive to relaxing or working. Click here to shop the 10X13 rug size now. Click here to shop the 13X16 rug size now

Mini Dining Room 3 Foot Round Rug [3ft 3′]

Common Rug SizesCommon Rug SizesThis rug size works beautifully in smaller dining rooms (such as apartments), under entryway tables, and even under children’s play tables! Not to be overlooked, the addition of this rug truly shows attention to detail in even the smallest of spaces. Click here to shop this rug size now

Dining Room Round Rug 6 Foot [6ft 5’] & 8 Foot [7ft 6′]

Common Rug SizesIf your dining room is a more standard size and features a round table, we recommend opting for either the round 6 foot or 8-foot rug, depending on just how large your table/space are. These rugs will create a visually pleasing balance beneath your table that beautifully highlights the circular motifs presented in your furnishings. Also, this rug will provide a cozier atmosphere that all who sit at the table will be sure to enjoy and appreciate if even just subconsciously. Click here to shop the 6 Foot rug size now. Click here to shop the 8 Foot rug size now.