Rug Care Tips

6 Must-Do Rug Care Tips That Will Seriously Extend the Life of Any RugRug Care Tips

Best Buy Home Essentials Rug Care Tips

Beyond routine rug cleaning, other incredible Rug Care Tips can maximize the life span of your carpet for long-lasting beauty. Rugs are genuinely the ultimate piece of décor for any well-thought-out home. Again, rugs can present a multitude of sanitary concerns if not properly cared for. It can collect dust, grime, crumbs, and other undesirables that can be tracked all over the home! However, with a little TLC below, you can preserve the beauty, hygiene, and functionality of your rugs and keep them looking brand new for many years to come!

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Caring For Your Rug

Maintaining a beautiful and clean rug can be as easy as 1-2-3 if you follow the maintenance steps listed below, all of which help to preserve the overall integrity of the rug. Besides, these Rug Care Tips are easy to follow.

Forget About Harsh Chemicals

Tough chemicals such as bleach are likely going to be too harsh of an agent for your rug and as a result, may lead to damage and discoloration. Instead of these chemicals, opt for more gentle cleaning solvents like mild detergent and warm water. This is one of the rug care tips you to follow.

Vacuum regularly

Also, a weekly vacuum can make all the difference in preserving the integrity of your rug! Vacuuming will also help pick up any dust, food crumbs, or other loose particles that can attract bugs, produce grime, and ultimately make your rug plain nasty!

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Just as sunlight can bleach hair and tan skin, it can also fade the colors of your rug and leave it looking dull over time. As such, try to avoid placing your rug in front of large windows that allow light to pour onto the floor. People hardly consider avoiding direct sunlight on the rug as one of the precautionary rug care tips.

Restore by Piling in One Direction

Giving your rug a quick sprucing up can result from merely piling the fibers all one way for a more “polished” appearance! Piling can also help to keep fibers from matting together and make it apparent which areas of real filth or grim have collected for more effective spot cleaning.

Don’t Over-brush

Contrary to what you might think, over-brushing to straighten a rug’s fringes can result in the edges coming apart over time. Instead, try to gently brush the fringes only occasionally and resort to piling for more regular aesthetic sprucing. Rug Care Tips are easy to follow.

When in Doubt, Contact a Professional

Finally, if you aren’t able to get certain stains out or bring your rug back to life, consider hiring a professional to clean it! Sure, it will likely cost more than if you clean it yourself, but think how pricey it is to purchase a new rug. Also, a professional will be able to remove any germs much easier than you possibly could, leading to a more substantial clean. These Rug Care Tips worth it in most cases.

So, there you have it! These are some of the best rug care tips you should be practicing to keep your rug in tip-top shape. And rest assured that with the right care, you can see a return on investment in that pricey rug by helping it stand the test of time in your home.  Click here to shop area rugs.

Rug Care Tips