Rug Quality Material Composition

Best Buy Home Essentials Rug Quality Material Composition

Rug Quality Material Composition

Here’s What to Consider Before Shopping Rugs

Sourcing quality and the right carpet is as vital as understanding Rug Quality Material Composition. Rugs are fabulous pieces of décor that add so much to any space, home, and office. From bringing a cozy ambiance, to simply protecting expensive flooring. Rugs are genuinely versatile in their application. With so many different styles, compositions, and materials there are several things one should consider before purchasing a new rug. Need to keep your rug looking great? Click here to read about the best rug care tips!

Rug Quality & Material Composition

Most rugs comprised of 1 of 2 possible materials, wool or polypropylene. Wool and polypropylene rugs tend to have specific and separate customers due to their many fundamental differences as key to Rug Quality Material Composition.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are much more old-fashioned than polypropylene rugs. Wool rugs are first generation rugs that tend to be hand-knotted area rugs. Naturally being made from hand, these rugs are much more expensive than their polypropylene counterparts and therefore won’t be a feasible option for everyone.

Also, wool rugs tend to shed much faster than other types due to the loose fibrous nature of wool itself. Because of this, wool rugs will do best in areas of low traction or homes without small children.

Polypropylene Rugs

In direct contrast to wool rugs, polypropylene rugs are from high-quality synthetic fiber strands by machine. These rugs comprise the most popular and widely used rugs across the board. Polypropylene rugs are much more affordable and durable. In addition to their popularity, these rugs are also plush and soft, bringing a higher level of comfort to the home than that of wool rugs.

Polypropylene rugs are also resistant to stains and easy to maintain, meaning you should be able to get many years out of your rug before needing to purchase a new one. These rugs are excellent options for all homeowners because they perfectly pair affordability with style, comfort, and longevity.

Our Selection of Beautiful And Affordable Carpets

At Best Buy Home Essentials, the majority of our rugs collection are polypropylene-based. They comprised of quality synthetic fibers constructed to look and stay beautiful for years. And with a quality jute backing, our rugs don’t skid, fold, or form unattractive and irregular shapes. With fibers that are comfortable to the touch, our rugs also typically do not require padding and therefore work beautifully in virtually all homes! Ideal Rug Quality Material Composition that helps in buying decision making.

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Rug Quality Material Composition